Creatures of the Earth

...her fantastic beings which are generated by exotic creatures she has encountered in her extensive travels. In White Bats in the Mist, Ostrich in a Secret Place and Prehistoric Giraffe, for instance, the artist has captured these wild creatures in their native habitat as spiny attenuated abstractions, Poised in mid-flight, digging in the sand, or loping on the plains, these small bronze beasts convey energy and exuberance. Her interest in animal imagery also addresses eternal issues of good versus evil. Rekindling the sinister connotations of knowledge, temptation and the ultimate demise of mankind that the snake has come to symbolize, A Broken Serpent stretches and slinks along the ground, paying homage to the much-feared reptile and its sinuous elegance. This skeletal form also recalls the surreal, primordial violence of Giacometti’s bronze sculpture, Woman with Her Throat Cut (1932), which sparked much controversy when it was first executed, and establishes Ramsaran’s position as a sculptor with an incisive vision that is both prehistoric and historic in nature.

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