News and Notes

In September 2008, after 34 years of teaching, Professor Helen Ramsaran retired from John Jay College of the City University of New York. As a member of the Art, Music and Philosophy Department, she taught Sculpture and Ceramics. In 1980, she founded the John Jay College Gallery and was the chief curator until 1994. In her tenure as curator, such artists as Fred Wilson, Faith Ringgold, Juan Sanchez, Rene Green, Mary Ting, Sumatimohan and Whitfield Lovell exhibited at the John Jay Gallery.
Helen Ramsaran continues to work with students at Sankofa Art Centre, 501 Washington Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. In 1993, she and fellow artist, Desmond Fiadjoe founded Sankofa Art Centre, a small community art school where adults who had little or no experience working in visual art, could come and learn in a non-competitive environment. Ramsaran taught Sculpture and Ceramics while Fiadjoe taught Drawing, Painting and Batik After the untimely demise of co-founder Desmond Fiadjoe, Ramsaran continued to operate the Center on a limited schedule. In 2002, she organized Sankofa Ceramics Cooperative and teaches on going classes in Ceramics for beginning students. Sankofa Ceramics Cooperative is hosted by Sankofa Atr Centre and it meets every Saturday from September to June.