The Sanctuary

Recently, Ransaran executed her most ambitious sculptural project to date, an installation of large-scale sculptures which form The Sanctuary Group. This undertaking includes a sacred grove of trees……..In addition, there are 7 large sculptures which represent various components which might be found at an initiation ceremony……The mystical power of this installation is inescapable. As with Ramsaran’s smaller sculptures, an intangible introspective force prevails, but now a more immediate sensation has been activated. Because of the human scale of each work, the viewer enters a completely new and unfamiliar realm. The shift in proportions has engendered dramatic changes in Ramsaran’s style.

These sculptures retain the primal energy of the earlier work, but the scrupulously angular, tense character has been transformed into curvilinear rhythms that convey sensuous spontaneity, as seen in Winged Moondance and Sacred Secrets. Devoid of surface patterns (another stylistic alteration), the smooth skeletal forms are almost skeletal in nature, an element further underscored by Ramsaran’s explorations with patinas. The delicate, monochromatic tones of gray, silver and white lend these works a spectral quality and reinforce the pervasive, august silence that this installation impels. As it speaks to the viewer about the mystical voyage of life, The Sanctuary Group manifests a metaphysical experience that is profound and visceral in its force………Trinkett Clark, Curator of Twentieth Century Art, Chrysler Museum.

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